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Borb lov tissue

Borb lov tissue

Meet the artist

Meet the artist

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  • breonna lam
    breonna lam10 hours ago

    “Your always trying be someone else!” I-...

  • That Person
    That Person10 hours ago

    I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times but I don't care! The absolute talent and effort put into this! Chefs kiss

  • Just a kid with no hopes
    Just a kid with no hopes10 hours ago

    you went from actually above average animations to being a dream stan and animating dream smp with low quality animations

  • Tayma Tayma
    Tayma Tayma10 hours ago

    Omg I fell so bad for tommy and tubbo 😔

  • Sophie Hoskins
    Sophie Hoskins10 hours ago

    no way, I saw this 2 years ago. I watched a Sadist vid before it was cool!

  • d u c k
    d u c k11 hours ago

    The end card should've included george building a house.

  • common youtube channel name
    common youtube channel name11 hours ago

    pigstep is actually rlly good

  • Melody Zuniga
    Melody Zuniga11 hours ago

    hit the road jack.....MANIFOLD

  • Paimon NOT emergency food
    Paimon NOT emergency food11 hours ago

    Yo- there's already memes of this-

  • zachusdoathing
    zachusdoathing11 hours ago

    you should make one with rynos them by kevin macleod it would be perfect

  • RandomStuffs
    RandomStuffs11 hours ago

    I like the fact that Tommy's is louder and is more of describing him then the other, Tubbo's being more on a quiet and dramatic way, Tommy's being more outward and loud. I can't explain how much I love this.

  • Minøcp
    Minøcp11 hours ago

    SAD-ist is this flipaclip?

  • WitherWolf33
    WitherWolf3311 hours ago

    Nice work using the different weapons to show the differences in the versions they use.

  • ElGuguis 23
    ElGuguis 2311 hours ago

    I have poop sock

  • Izabehl Ferraro
    Izabehl Ferraro11 hours ago

    This is incredible I need to start making art for dream because you inspired me I've been watching your animations for so long that this is my favorite

  • VictoryPlayerUmer
    VictoryPlayerUmer11 hours ago

    huh so great and nice, i guess times were much simpler then the current events

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez11 hours ago


  • Finn
    Finn11 hours ago

    Hello sadist although you may never respond to this coment I was wondering where you learned to draw and what kept you motivated

  • lilyhybrid
    lilyhybrid11 hours ago

    This is the only media that has overwhelmed me with enough sheer emotion to make me cry out of joy, I cannot stop watching! Kudos to you for easily being the best animatic/animator I have ever seen.

  • carson vandeursen
    carson vandeursen11 hours ago

    An absolute artistic, romantic, poetic, MASTAPECE

  • 大好きIndigo
    大好きIndigo11 hours ago

    I love it

  • Acacia Nsakala-Mbuku
    Acacia Nsakala-Mbuku11 hours ago

    Why does tubbospeaking actually sound like him ngl

  • reiven salgado
    reiven salgado11 hours ago

    i wish sad ist make a series of this a full series so people can understands why hamilton is the best

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop11 hours ago

    Dam i remember when sadist used to do these I kinda miss em

  • Lucasbaut27 YT
    Lucasbaut27 YT11 hours ago

    Where are my subtitles in Spanish?

  • John Hume
    John Hume11 hours ago

    Bro you are the best these are amazing

  • Xero Exists
    Xero Exists11 hours ago

    0:58 mans really said *Panic*

  • JohnnyO Films
    JohnnyO Films11 hours ago

    I can’t get over how amazing and accurate this is, I’ve watched it at least 10 times over by now

  • Lost Productions
    Lost Productions11 hours ago

    they both kinda sound like they do irl

  • John Hume
    John Hume11 hours ago

    This is epic

  • Car
    Car11 hours ago

    wait I swear I have watched this like years ago this is cool to see that

  • Madou Yansane
    Madou Yansane11 hours ago

    "Everything the light touches is yours" Also dream: *" OH GEOOORGE "*

  • AwesomeJaneUniverse
    AwesomeJaneUniverse11 hours ago

    Does anyone else still watch these religiously every day

  • HiPeopleIDKwhatIsGoingOn
    HiPeopleIDKwhatIsGoingOn11 hours ago

    to be honest, dream looks kinda like me in this animation

  • Storm Fynx
    Storm Fynx11 hours ago

    It’s amazing to come back to this and then think about how much the story has progressed

  • CakeBoy087
    CakeBoy08711 hours ago

    Came back here to see how much she improved at her animating :D

  • • Sapphire_ Dragons •
    • Sapphire_ Dragons •11 hours ago

    So I have a question, I’ve noticed that Tubbo has scars on him( I think their scars), but I’m confused on why they’re there. Could someone explain please? I feel like the answer is obvious, it has something to do with a fight. But I want more detail on it since I’m curious about it.

  • Superninja886 Gaming
    Superninja886 Gaming10 hours ago

    They are from the festival when techno hit him with the fire work

  • Emily DeMarre
    Emily DeMarre11 hours ago

    I TOTALLY DIDN'T REALIZE THIS AT FIRST!!!! At 2:12 if you pause, Wilbur has his hand on Tommy's shoulder telling him to shoot Jschlatt and its like a big brother little brother moment!!!

  • Charisma Simpson
    Charisma Simpson12 hours ago

    I cried so much

  • Owen gaming
    Owen gaming12 hours ago


  • Harmonee Wang
    Harmonee Wang12 hours ago

    Who knows that she's gonna be a dreamteam animator one day? I just knew that she's gonna be huge

  • Joshua Coy
    Joshua Coy12 hours ago

    2:40, all I can think is "no, they didn't stand a chance against techno"

  • Katherine Liang
    Katherine Liang12 hours ago


  • Emily DeMarre
    Emily DeMarre12 hours ago

    Ok im telling you that you need to do this. Brightness all the way up. Volume almost to max. Watch on a computer or TV and do full screen. I just did this and I'm telling you its completely different from watching on a phone with the volume quiet. I used my earpods too so it sounded very good.

  • Christopher Blackwell
    Christopher Blackwell12 hours ago

    Are you doing this on FLIP A CLIP

  • Dontae Castillo-Velez
    Dontae Castillo-Velez12 hours ago

    I feel like ive seen you upload this a month ago. I remember this whole thing...

  • -Ravens Call-
    -Ravens Call-12 hours ago

    */cry’s in English/*

  • -Merly -
    -Merly -12 hours ago

    Didn't Tommy say that the disc were more important then tubbo

    TIGOF YT11 hours ago

    He was just angry

    TIGOF YT11 hours ago

    He didnt mean it

  • El Amigo Lou
    El Amigo Lou12 hours ago


  • - LemonDoodles -
    - LemonDoodles -12 hours ago

    Is it bad that I’ve watched this over 20 times and never got bored of it? I also sing this song now everyday, thank you. I love your videos <3

  • Storm Trooper Gaming
    Storm Trooper Gaming12 hours ago

    I want doomsday animation too PLEASE

  • Emily Scott
    Emily Scott12 hours ago

    “We grew up, so very close.” A smile for the old memories. “A parasite needs a host.” Trying to figure out your own personal life. “I’m only trying to do what is best for us!” You genuinely missing someone and fighting to make things work. “Well I never asked for this! I never wanted this! All that I want is some time to myself!” Confusion over recent and older events, space is needed, but so is a shoulder to lean on. “Looking in your eyes, I’m coming home.” An overwhelming feeling of comfort. “Just get away from me, just stop touching me, you’re always trying to be somebody else!” Not wanting help, pushing away what you can’t understand, pushing away the one person trying to be there for you. “Now I realize, I’m not alone.” You could be there for them. “Well you’re only scared of me.” The brutal truth, a powerful story behind it, mostly about knowing the possibilities, and worse, not knowing them. “You never cared for me!” An insecurity sharper than a dagger, the words spill out. “Why don’t you let me free?” Too tied, too close, yet trying to distance, for more than just the distance “Because you’d never dared to be!” Another brutal truth. The one person who is there for you, would you leave them behind? (Both)- “Cause you never listen, you’re always insisting Tubbo: I’m just reminiscing Tommy: Just stop reminiscing.” Experience hits hard, everything you’ve been through together. Do you fight for it? (Both)- “I feel something missing Tubbo: I just want you here with me Tommy: I just want my privacy Tubbo: God, can’t we just get along? Tommy: God, won’t you leave me alone?” In the end, both could be hurt. Or, you could fight. For once, not fighting each other, but FOR each other.

  • a burnt chiken nugget :3
    a burnt chiken nugget :312 hours ago

    This made me myself..those people made me want to be myself a hero that no one knows about...even if i wont be a youtuber im going to work my butt off to be greater then all my enimes..i have dreams that others dont understand only i do..and i will accomplish those dreams even if my family thinks im a dissapointment..

  • RealKingBacon
    RealKingBacon12 hours ago

    search up “hit the road jack ray charles” and its the really old version of this song

  • Sinsomniac
    Sinsomniac12 hours ago

    Welcome back to my recommended ! I'll gladly savor this once more

  • Princess Barbosa
    Princess Barbosa12 hours ago


  • Marianne Tolentino
    Marianne Tolentino12 hours ago

    can you make a part two of this?

  • Sahara the dragon
    Sahara the dragon12 hours ago

    This is where legends were made

  • tacocat_212
    tacocat_21212 hours ago

    someone needs to do this in 3D it would be VERY impressive if this was done in 3D with colors too. I still think this is AMAZING just as is.

  • Glad Orange
    Glad Orange12 hours ago

    Why does themis remind me of gladiator

  • realcode_ realkreek1
    realcode_ realkreek112 hours ago

    to be continued in season 2

  • umar rashid
    umar rashid12 hours ago

    the kill animation is so fckin siiiick

  • TheMighty Dany
    TheMighty Dany12 hours ago

    Why do people say it’s u never dared me I pretty sure it’s tell me

  • Nick
    Nick12 hours ago

    Dude I just found the full album of Evelyn Evelyn like two weeks ago,, is this a popular album or something because I’m starting to see more of it around and I’m kinda exited since the full album was really good


    DAM 1:45

  • Dymin The Fool
    Dymin The Fool12 hours ago

    I like how at 1:40 wilbur is the only one not wearing Armor because he hates it. Great attention to detail!

  • GoofyRyan2020
    GoofyRyan202012 hours ago

    Make a dream smp movie

  • a burnt chiken nugget :3
    a burnt chiken nugget :312 hours ago


  • KashEY Blevins’s
    KashEY Blevins’s12 hours ago

    i cant belive i got the sadist franchise from HK. i knew sadists picture was from HK

  • bread bot
    bread bot12 hours ago

    this the me and my friend maya to a T LIKE HOW? @Maya the Person

  • SirSalty The1st
    SirSalty The1st12 hours ago

    Such a bop

  • PICKLE KING 2007
    PICKLE KING 200712 hours ago


  • Skrt Skrt Animal crossing
    Skrt Skrt Animal crossing12 hours ago

    Maybe for 2mil subscribers there can be a face reveal

  • Kamran Procter
    Kamran Procter12 hours ago

    I am so excited for the latest war on his channel

  • J3on_Xook
    J3on_Xook12 hours ago


  • Ethanotor Oculus
    Ethanotor Oculus12 hours ago

    Heh, this channel won't go anywhere...

  • Jacob Carrizales-Lopez
    Jacob Carrizales-Lopez12 hours ago


  • Frogo !
    Frogo !13 hours ago

    Better every time! Bruh

  • SakuStriker
    SakuStriker13 hours ago

    Can you make a movie of the dream smp

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma13 hours ago

    This is the best never stop doing this