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Oh my, I dont know if I'm doing the "meet the artist" thingy right ._. Halp
Yay! I got a screen recorder :D
I can do speedpaints now. HORAY!!
And "How I do it" stuff.
I'm using Mobizen tho.

Well anyways, thank you for watching!
See ya! :3


  • AnOldGamer
    AnOldGamer3 years ago

    A sad face, always holds a smile

  • o u t r u n d o u b t r u n -LemonadeArts-

    o u t r u n d o u b t r u n -LemonadeArts-

    24 days ago


  • apple


    Month ago

    Wow yeah-

  • mckomaeda


    5 months ago

    Not mine

  • CROSS unnit

    CROSS unnit

    6 months ago

    As any boy that think in his head --_o ... cute :3

  • jess


    Year ago

    awww :3

  • Ghost Unity
    Ghost Unity7 hours ago

    What app for you use

  • Avatar Aang [real]
    Avatar Aang [real]Day ago

    Such simple drawings, but made with so much talent

  • ItsMe XD
    ItsMe XD3 days ago

    Its amazing to find out my Idol for art started out on mobile like me

  • shiro
    shiro4 days ago

    i thought she started as a bad artist like me right now so that i could believe in myself more cause of her current work but turns out shes still good at drawing before-

  • DetectivePikachu7777
    DetectivePikachu77776 days ago

    So this is the artist who made the dream smp animations Ur art is cute btw, maybe u can do a updated "meet the artist" sometime

  • Tiny
    Tiny7 days ago

    Oml I use phone and medibang paint too the struggle tho 😅

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated13 days ago

    From this to a virtual video game animatic which has drama, bloodthirsty anarchy pig, a masked pupeteer, a fox, some children, and more coming!

  • Kenia Dyanti
    Kenia Dyanti15 days ago

    Why am i thinking that Sad ist is actually Dream's sis cuz they both wore mask and sad ist gave Dream inspiration using smile-mask

  • Galaxy_woof
    Galaxy_woof17 days ago

    I am not very social

  • Ray
    Ray18 days ago

    Wait did sad-ist make dawn of the 16th on a phone?!

  • Ray


    16 days ago

    @- Silver Waters - :D

  • - Silver Waters -

    - Silver Waters -

    16 days ago

    @Ray All good, just clearing it up for you :D we all never think straight sometimes.

  • Ray


    16 days ago

    @- Silver Waters - no offence taken i wrote this at 3am and i wasnt thinking straght (i never truly do)

  • - Silver Waters -

    - Silver Waters -

    17 days ago

    No, no offence intended in any way but i’d say i would be pretty illogical of her to draw such an elaborate, long and detailed animation on a phone. If you saw, she has a video of unboxing a drawing tablet which cost 200ish us dollar i believe? I’m not great with money converting but it’s 300ish Aus dollars. Yes, i did research because i wanted a drawing tablet but probably not gonna get one any time soon ;-; lol

  • Jayrock009
    Jayrock00918 days ago

    This is Gorgeous.

  • Shade Gacha PlayZ
    Shade Gacha PlayZ21 day ago

    I find it weird how she always had this sad face mask like it’s iconic to dream but it’s really not

  • Xander’s Su’mn
    Xander’s Su’mn25 days ago

    Do you draw with your finger or an apple pen

  • Alejando 2.0

    Alejando 2.0

    19 days ago

    @F.M Bendy oh, so what did she said

  • F.M Bendy

    F.M Bendy

    19 days ago

    @Alejando 2.0 she did

  • Alejando 2.0

    Alejando 2.0

    20 days ago

    @F.M Bendy ooooh that video, well, that doesn't tell me anything, this video was made before that, and in that video she got a new pen, to draw, she never said what she used before that, that doesn't tell me anything about this video

  • F.M Bendy

    F.M Bendy

    20 days ago

    @Alejando 2.0 just go to the latest videos its called "after 3 years i finally got it"

  • Alejando 2.0

    Alejando 2.0

    20 days ago

    @F.M Bendy em, I can't find it, give me the name

  • Starling
    StarlingMonth ago

    Haha not me liking comments from 3 years ago... :(

  • Yes
    YesMonth ago

    Ah yes this gets recommended to me just now Not complaining tho

  • It's RoseRug
    It's RoseRugMonth ago

    Hey! U are really an artist ngl. Btw what did u used to draw?

  • Ur_p0ggers
    Ur_p0ggersMonth ago

    And thus a legend has risen

  • Ice is cold
    Ice is coldMonth ago

    Pog this like Dream but girl

  • IDKarlee
    IDKarlee2 months ago

    For some reason I thought your character was based off of the dream fanart character, but now I'm looking back on your videos and seeing this! Maybe the fanartists based their version of dream off of your character lol

  • JumJums doodles
    JumJums doodles2 months ago

    Me watching this makes me realize that I suck :/

  • Javier Villaran Cruz
    Javier Villaran Cruz2 months ago


  • nexswish gaming
    nexswish gaming2 months ago

    It's drista hahah dream sister

  • Not Sans-etional
    Not Sans-etional2 months ago

    This confuses me. The mask makes me think your sad, but your face is happy. 🙃

    IOLI II2 months ago

    And you draw on a phone dang

  • Maya Inal
    Maya Inal2 months ago

    Dislikes: - Socialization (irl) - Being ignored hiding the pain

  • Egemen Ayvaz
    Egemen Ayvaz2 months ago

    Dislikes: •Hiding the pain..:(

  • SoAmazeGG
    SoAmazeGG2 months ago


  • Waterflame Gaming
    Waterflame Gaming2 months ago

    Sad ist mask x dream mask

  • yanolim
    yanolim3 months ago

    I cant beleive her oc thingy is before dream

  • Majinite
    Majinite3 months ago

    Messenger: hi No

  • CessnaElla
    CessnaElla3 months ago

    tell me.... what do you use to draw

  • Sunflxwer


    3 months ago

    Medibang and flipaclip

  • Andrea Sherman
    Andrea Sherman3 months ago


  • Liz Garay
    Liz Garay3 months ago

    SAD has been rocking that frown mask longer than Dream has had his smile mask.

  • Kenia Dyanti

    Kenia Dyanti

    15 days ago

    @AveRay true though, but look at his youtooz

  • Kenia Dyanti

    Kenia Dyanti

    15 days ago


  • - Silver Waters -

    - Silver Waters -

    17 days ago

    AveRay true. He just is a white figure with a sad smily face

  • AveRay


    21 day ago

    well Dream didn't make a mask, his fanbase did. just look at his pfp its not a mask

  • mccnx marini

    mccnx marini

    23 days ago

    Like this blew my mind aacckkk

  • Rafael Dantas
    Rafael Dantas4 months ago

    4:25 jesus sends you a mensage, u reply?

  • Ody W
    Ody W4 months ago

    You're drawing with your finger?

  • euphorea
    euphorea4 months ago

    tbh all sad-ist has to do to draw dream is draw a male, smiling version of herself, dyed green

  • - Silver Waters -

    - Silver Waters -

    17 days ago

    @alexander nikov no it’s not, it’s made like, three years after dream lauched his channel

  • alexander nikov

    alexander nikov

    24 days ago

    @Appa The Gud Boi we know look at the vid is before dream made a channel

  • Appa The Gud Boi

    Appa The Gud Boi

    2 months ago

    Actually, she had the mask style first before people started drawing dream with a mask.

  • Ari


    2 months ago

    And blond hair

  • Outside In
    Outside In5 months ago

    Who is Elvir Zius Feril *and what did he remove you from*

  • ParangKO
    ParangKO5 months ago

    are you using a Phone?

  • lilian z
    lilian z5 months ago

    the mask is foreshadowing..

  • Agent oo7
    Agent oo75 months ago

    It is like a Dreams mask lol

  • Yumi Bulan
    Yumi Bulan5 months ago

    Hey what app are you using to draw? Also love your art!

  • irukki


    Month ago

    she used medibang :) she says in the vid, sorry for bein 4 months late btw.

  • Emmanuel Gedeon
    Emmanuel Gedeon6 months ago

    Its reverse dream....

  • Chiinachu Peenachu
    Chiinachu Peenachu9 months ago

    Aww does anyone else see the “hiding the pain” point under dislikes?? Awww no wonder she has the sad face mask

  • Breenda Alexa
    Breenda AlexaYear ago

    You female???

  • SmeeTiffany 2
    SmeeTiffany 2Year ago

    Wait, you animate on your phone? That takes major talent 👏👏👏

  • Ali baba
    Ali babaYear ago

    I see what you wrote there- need to talk?

  • Caramel
    Caramel2 years ago

    Wat do u use to draw it?

  • Tía América
    Tía América2 years ago

    I really like your style, is so adorable and innocent c':

  • pea
    pea2 years ago

    U hav to draw wat u really look like its like a face reveal but u draw u there thats your help 😏😌

  • Zafire ORA
    Zafire ORA2 years ago


  • eunjeong moe
    eunjeong moe2 years ago

    So cute!! I love it!

  • ᗡƎI ̄ NIᗡ
    ᗡƎI ̄ NIᗡ2 years ago

    4:25 i just saw that " *Elvir Zius Feril* removed you from..."

  • dori me interimo adapere dori me
    dori me interimo adapere dori me2 years ago

    how does it have pressure sensitivity on a phone-

  • Tristan
    Tristan2 years ago

    I just don't understand medibang

  • • Stardust •
    • Stardust •2 years ago

    The Dec has a hidden message in dislikes it says hiding the pain

  • Akia PlayzYT
    Akia PlayzYT2 years ago

    Your art style is rlly cute

  • And Bordi
    And Bordi2 years ago

    That last one tho

  • piss
    piss2 years ago

    OHHH medi Bang pait ANND snowdin town soundtrack. B)

  • Lazy Baguette
    Lazy Baguette2 years ago

    U like under take?

  • Lazy Baguette

    Lazy Baguette

    2 years ago

    STUPID AUTO CORRECT! *undertale*

  • Demelly
    Demelly2 years ago

    JEEZE i wish i could complete a whole speedpaint in just 40 minutes like damn

  • Yet another Account
    Yet another Account3 years ago

    What’s that app you use?

  • søphie
    søphie3 years ago

    What’s the song? It sounds like undertale?

  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi3 years ago

    I wish i could get you a drawing tablet

  • Yunii Skuuza
    Yunii Skuuza3 years ago


  • Leasagna
    Leasagna3 years ago

    Hiding the pain is hard. I feel u girl ;-;

  • Lerma Lagera
    Lerma Lagera3 years ago


  • lvizux
    lvizux3 years ago

    Well i was wondering... Where are you from?? I think I’ve seen you on Polish Amino tho-

  • jdjd
    jdjd3 years ago


  • thestinkratgamer
    thestinkratgamer3 years ago

    What do you use to draw on your phone with?

  • quin
    quin3 years ago

    Will you ever pull off the mask..?

  • augustine succamore
    augustine succamore3 years ago

    is the music from acnl or something bc it sounds familiar

  • aura doll
    aura doll3 years ago

    Omg same, i use pic art to animate on my android & use meibeg for thumbnails

  • Parsh
    Parsh3 years ago

    WAW!!! 0o0 This is really insane your now my idol on chibi speedpaint o.o and it just took you 40 minutes to draw that??!! Damn...but can i ask you something??? What brush do you use??! THENKS!

  • mirahhh
    mirahhh3 years ago

    Ughh you do so good on a phone. To say im practically starving myself for a surface pro 4.

  • Cirese
    Cirese3 years ago

    4:24-4:25 who that? .v.

  • Fox, Derp, and Almond
    Fox, Derp, and Almond3 years ago

    you do this on a PHONE?!?!?! wow....

  • Lyrek Quinn
    Lyrek Quinn3 years ago

    Guys what song is this I know what it is but I cant think of it help me

  • Lyrek Quinn

    Lyrek Quinn

    3 years ago

    Oh shit nevermind I had a speechbubble open when it was on screen pfft-

  • Esther Lee
    Esther Lee3 years ago

    What app do u use??

  • What the fuck am I doing with my life
    What the fuck am I doing with my life3 years ago

    correction: 0 how the fuc-

  • diovsblade;
    diovsblade;3 years ago

    I just realized, You joined youtube on my birthday! September Ninth!

  • BomKaiPlow
    BomKaiPlow3 years ago

    finally im not the only one who uses medibang anymore :') All i keep hearing is "Autodesk is so much better :'u"

    SVNNX3 years ago

    How do I draw on a phone? I draw on mine too but I don't have a stylus but srsly how are you so good ON A PHONE??

  • _Ranger Enoshima_
    _Ranger Enoshima_3 years ago

    I draw with my fingies as well =w=

  • Vyton 3XD
    Vyton 3XD3 years ago


  • Alex Luther
    Alex Luther3 years ago

    This is so cute! What art program do you use?

  • Nymous Katuin
    Nymous Katuin3 years ago


  • Alyanna Amil
    Alyanna Amil3 years ago

    bruh mind if I ask? what country u from, fam?

  • diana dab girl
    diana dab girl3 years ago

    OMG! your so good at drawing and also at animating ALL OF UR VIDS R COOL! and also cute

  • faitheelee uwu
    faitheelee uwu3 years ago

    I use this app too

  • seijoh
    seijoh3 years ago

    is u filipino tho HAHAHAHA

  • Maisie H
    Maisie H3 years ago


  • May One
    May One3 years ago

    amma add u to player select meme coz ur cute

  • Cal
    Cal3 years ago

    your art style seems... familiar. do you happen to be Filipino? if so, i might know you if not, okay :D

  • Sugar IsEverything

    Sugar IsEverything

    2 years ago

    Cal She's a Filipino!! :D

  • Hidoodles
    Hidoodles3 years ago

    so. much. good. art. HOW YOU SO GOOD AT ART???!!!! YOUR SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃

  • Lucey pyr
    Lucey pyr3 years ago

    Your a good at art while mine is horrible ;-;

  • Da Vinky?
    Da Vinky?3 years ago

    How do you beautiful peeps come up with awesome, original character designs?!

  • komii
    komii3 years ago

    SAD-ist v/s Rensaven :D (?)

  • NES
    NES3 years ago

    is that frisk

  • Snowe Arctic fox
    Snowe Arctic fox3 years ago

    You are the artist